Albany City Court Judge Holly Trexler dismissed the forcible touching charge against the former New York governor at the request of the local district attorney.
County Executive Laura Curran said the bill could "chill the rights of citizens to peaceably assemble and freely express their views."
Controversial new law gives police and other first responders the ability to sue "harassers."
Police are looking for a man who they say faked a bike injury to grope a woman, then broke into her apartment and stood over her while she slept.
The attacks have all happened inside the park, between East and Center Drives.
He only dated the woman for four months, but ended up harassing her for four years, according to the feds.
Harassment and assault has been rising for subway workers.
After another week-long ordeal, the man was finally caught by the police today. But he may also be released today.
King and his wife believe that it was retaliation for his civil rights activism
Now she's taking it upon herself to try and identify the perv.
In the video, a woman can be seen grabbing at the back of a man's shirt on a subway platform. The man turns around and shoves her forcefully against an idling train car.
The woman allegedly claimed to have smeared her bloody tampons on her roommate's bag.
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