Happy hour

Some bars are kind enough to offer those sweet discounts way, way outside the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. in instances where you're chained to your desk late into the evening.
Cheap food, cheap drinks and a cheesy corporate environment. What's not to love?
Your happy hour is safe... for now.
The NY Post lit the fires of revolution today with a story about how the city has been secretly mulling a proposal to ban happy hours. But the DOH has vehemently denied it to us.
Actor Clark Gregg, whom comic book geeks know as Agent Phil Coulson, talks about working with Ethan Coen in the new collection of one act plays, Happy Hour.
(SushiShamba Lounge on Park Ave) SushiSamba, the stylish restaurant that fuses
Who said preteens don't know how to party? Oh that's right—nobody. Well,
Heathe St. Claire, Aussie chef-owner of Avenue C's Sunburnt Cow, has
The first bowling alley to open in Brooklyn in (we can't
We expect a lot from our beer. It needs to be refreshing.
“We don’t carry Coors Light,” said the bartender, quick as could be,
Sample is small. But not like Minibar small, or even Tini, where
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