Happy ending

The video is titled "Cameras Don't Lie."
Happy Ending was confident there is "a 90 percent chance" that an alleged bathroom rape "was consensual behavior."
"I just felt like the entire time I had to keep retelling my story to a dude who didn't even care."
A man has been accused of slashing a masseuse who refused to give him a happy ending, then taking off in a stolen yellow cab.
A happy ending for the Long Island swan that was found impaled with a hunting arrow earlier this summer.
A happy ending for the Westie that ran off from his owners in Prospect Park; but his owner says the NYPD is to blame.
Sick of depressing NYPD stories? Well here is one about a detective going above and beyond the call of duty to find a dying woman that should brighten your day.
Roxy! (via The Record) Yesterday, we experienced a thawing of our
Carlina White, now (via NY Post). A New York Hospital horror
And now she can ride off into the sunset...(single linds reflex's
It's soggy outside but it's cozy at the bookstores and bars this
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