There are plenty of panaceas around town to keep your stomach lining from shedding in the nearest toilet.
And the future is (almost) now.
Offered a glass of tequila from a pink plastic cup, Murray demurred. "I've already done four shots," he said apologetically. He'd been in the room less than five minutes.
Pop a pill, pump some iron and other tips for pushing through your bad decisions.
Hook your arm up to a drip of liquid money and feel your self-awareness melt away.
"By eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for Saturday-night carousers. It would promote human happiness in other ways as well. Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling."
In the interest of the most august journalism, we tested several different hangover "cures" so that you may be better prepared.
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