The .22 was tied to a suitcase frame underneath the lining.
The boy brought a 9mm and two magazines of ammo to his Crown Heights school.
A Brooklyn man attempted to send a loaded handgun through airport security at JFK on Friday by concealing the weapon in a shoebox, according to the TSA.
Prosecutors said the mom had purchased the unlicensed gun because she was fearful of people in her neighborhood. "Why she did it, I don't know," said Farley's older son.
The 7-year-old's mom told police she had placed the handgun, ammunition and flare gun in her son's backpack the night before he inadvertently brought it to school.
A Queens woman was arrested yesterday after her son sparked a gun scare that put a Far Rockaway elementary school on lockdown.
Source told NY1 that the "gun is mother's, older brother put in boy's bag, mother realized, called it in."
For instance, what says ending breast cancer forever like a .22-caliber pink handgun?
A Parks Ranger yesterday apprehended a 53-year-old flasher—and found he was carrying a loaded handgun.
The NYPD collected hundreds of guns at a Bronx gun buyback...including this Uzi submachine gun.
A Jersey City man fishing at Exchange Place managed to snag
A Georgia man wound up missing his flight home last week
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