Police are looking for a suspect who allegedly threw someone onto the subway tracks while making anti-gay statements last month.
The Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident.
Apparently the group attacked two men.
A FreshDirect driver was struck by a man driving a van, and then assaulted with a rubber mallet near BAM in Brooklyn this past weekend.
All three victims are in stable condition.
On social media, Baril posted disturbing drawings of bloody hammers and knives, demon vampires, and snippets of graphic poetry.
He was wearing a mask and hood this morning, and when the officers approached him, police say he took out his hammer and made a motion to swing at O'Rourke.
The first victim was sitting on a park bench in Union Square.
It happened in Chinatown.
Authorities have identified the suspect as 43-year-old Michael Dilello.
He's linked to three attacks.
A woman and her daughter were brutally beaten to death in Queens this morning.
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