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"I don't ever want to take live theater for granted ever again, do you?" Lin-Manuel Miranda said.

Finally, you'll be able to perfect your own rendition of "My Shot" and "The Schuyler Sisters" in time for your July 4th celebrations!

"Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)" is not a particularly veiled rebuke on President Trump's aggressive immigration policies.

It's at once soothing and harrowing to be reminded of Aaron Sorkin's liberal presidential dream team on this precipice of political hell.

She apparently moves in when they are waiting for the show's stars to leave through the stage door.

"First of all, Mr. Trump, the only president who gets to complain about the theater is Lincoln."

Mao said she spoke up when the Pence fan's conversation with a diner worker turned to "so-called minorities."

Dozens of disgusted anti-Bannon, anti-Trump demonstrators took a detour on their way to the Dark Tower to show their support for Hamilton's cast .

Donald Trump Tweeted, "The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!"