Halloween subway

Squid Game was seemingly the most popular costume in NYC this year, but check out all the brilliant, clever and often weird costumes we spotted people wearing on our mass transit system on Halloween.
There were far fewer people riding the subway in costume than in previous years, but those who did still offered some great Halloween looks.
Check out all the amazing and inventive costumes New Yorkers donned for Thursday night's Halloween celebrations.
Check out some more amazing Halloween costumes spotted on the subway, including Bob Ross, a cadre of Wacky Wavy Inflatable Tube Men, the Ultimate '80s American Dude, Freddie Mercury and more.
From Astronaut Sloth to Hunter S. Thompson, from Pickle Rick to 'Dead McMahon,' check out all the amazing costumes New Yorkers donned for last night's Halloween celebrations.
Click through to see the best Halloween costumes spotted on the subway this weekend.
It is a testament to the creativity and whimsy of NYers that a gazillion photos doesn't seem like enough to pay tribute to the wide range of incredible Halloween costumes.
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