Halloween parade

The COVID vaccine and polluted oceans were among the more popular costumes this year.
Organizers say that they have received the necessary permits to put the parade on this year, but they need to raise $150K.
“The World Premiere First Ever Double Magnificent Intergalactic MINIATURE Halloween Parade” will stream online on October 31st.
But organizers are planning on some sort of surprise event that night.
The rain let up at just the right time, and huge crowds once again lined Sixth Avenue for the annual celebration.
The parade theme, along with dozens of oversized puppets, come from a rustic compound upstate.
And treat—the MTA's going to have the L run on 'normal service' schedule.
Sadly, it's not an ode to either The Troggs or the classic '80s movie 'Major League,' but rather a general grouping of monsters, beasts and other masked creatures.
An estimated two million people packed into the West Village for the annual celebration.
That means animals! Scary ones!
Don your finest Harley Quinn and/or Eleven and/or David S. Pumpkins costume and head down to the Village Halloween Parade later.
As expected, there were a number of takes on such creepy things as Donald Trump and Pizza Rat.
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