Halloween costumes

Squid Game was seemingly the most popular costume in NYC this year, but check out all the brilliant, clever and often weird costumes we spotted people wearing on our mass transit system on Halloween.
There were far fewer people riding the subway in costume than in previous years, but those who did still offered some great Halloween looks.
Check out all the amazing and inventive costumes New Yorkers donned for Thursday night's Halloween celebrations.
"When I was thinking of scary places in NYC, the bus terminal was forefront in my mind."
Dogs dressed up as 'Midsommar' was a dominant theme of the day.
This dubious data analysis tried to score 100 U.S. cities on three metrics: Friendliness to trick-or-treaters, Halloween fun, and Halloween weather.
An estimated two million people packed into the West Village for the annual celebration.
Happy Halloween, here's how to attend or avoid the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, plus more spooky tips to really bring the frights.
We have some suggestions for last minute lazy Halloween costumes that you can throw together mostly using things you likely have lying around your apartment.
We have some NYC-centric ideas that have all made the headlines, in descending order of relevancy.
We've got more photos from last night's Halloween parade, featuring a lot
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