The pumpkin bashing event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.
Hundreds of people turned out to watch 87 brave, beautiful pups compete at the 2021 Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest in Fort Greene.
Squid Game was seemingly the most popular costume in NYC this year, but check out all the brilliant, clever and often weird costumes we spotted people wearing on our mass transit system on Halloween.
The COVID vaccine and polluted oceans were among the more popular costumes this year.
The beloved East Village costume shop, whose building is up for sale, is trying to sell as many feathered wings and Cruella costumes as it can to stay open past this season.
There's a pumpkin recreation of Midtown Manhattan, electric blue jellyfish pumpkins, a Statue of (Pumpkin) Liberty, and so much more.
From Schitt's Creek to the Staten Island Ferry, here are all the creative costumes from this year's big Halloween dog parade.
"We'll bring some snacks and just sit in front of the Halloween house," one fan told Gothamist.
A devoted parade lover decided to step in and save the day.
Here's everything you need to know about this year's Halloween dog parades.
Organizers say that they have received the necessary permits to put the parade on this year, but they need to raise $150K.
There were far fewer people riding the subway in costume than in previous years, but those who did still offered some great Halloween looks.
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