Mayor de Blasio's free school lunch plan is under fire from Jewish groups across the city, who say the program's lack of certified kosher meals amounts to discrimination against 30,000 students in yeshivas across the city.
Following an argument at 5th Avenue and 44th Street, Khandaker Joy, 30, grabbed a steak knife and threatened the 35-year-old fruit vendor, police said.
The two sides are locked in "a veritable falafel fatwa."
Yesterday five goats grazing in DUMBO were spotted being loaded into a Halal truck... where are they now?
The police nicknamed her "Sky."
Following Mayor Bloomberg's lead, Queens State Senator José Peralta says he will introduce legislation that will require local health departments to set up a letter-grade systems for food carts.
Through the confusing maelstrom of the Bin Laden news deluge, comes
Who the halal are you looking at? (tobyleah's Flickr) It's rough
The man suspected of stabbing and killing a college student who
The line at the Halal Chicken and Gyro at 53rd and
The NY Times has an article about the city's slaughterhouses, noting
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