The legislation is thought to be the first of its kind nationwide.
This was the latest attempt by Trump to mislead the public about what really goes on between the straw-painted follicles painted onto his head every morning.
The L train can only take so much hair.
You and your hair get one (1) seat.
What does a person have to do to get the splattered guts scrubbed off a light pole around here?
Super lice has already decimated our brothers and sisters up north: the strain constitutes 97.1% of Canadian head lice cases.
You don't have to put up with looking lousy all day.
A woman got her hair stuck in a subway escalator yesterday afternoon after fainting.
Is that dandruff or just a kilo of cocaine?
Why should it cost more to jazz up the area above one's peen than the area above one's vajayjay?
Hey, Jeremy Lin! Since you went and ignored the interwebs when they tried to help you find a good restaurant to dine at, maybe you'll listen this time?
Do you have a penis and have long hair? If you're cool, you should be wearing your hair in a bun, according to the NY Times.
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