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All of this after over a year of dealing with a food safety crisis...(and that whole cocaine thing).

Politico came up with some exquisitely dumb celebrity questions for tonight's White House Correspondents Dinner. We've picked out our 10 favorites.

But the apps could still be rolling soon. "Passengers can wait 10 days to enjoy the latest technology," pointed out TLC head David S. Yassky.

The tired fraternity pranks of today are the mind-numbing Barstool Sports posts of tomorrow.

Something interesting has happened to New York's cabbies. People seem to like them more. A lot more.

Tomorrow the Taxi and Limousine Commission is meeting to vote on new rules to allow "e-hailing" and it could be very close!

As much as New Yorkers like to pretend they know where every thing is in town, the truth of the matter is most of them really don't—as 100 unlucky New Yorkers recently discovered.

Though taxi medallion owners are going to fight it in court until the last second, Bloomberg's dream of a legal street hail livery cabs is now much, much closer to reality.

Anyone alarmed that Footman is still driving two days a week will have to stay on edge another two years: his license expires in 2014.

Ever wanted eavesdrop on the semi-private conversations had by your cabbie in a language that you don't understand?