The breach, first reported by the New York Times, reportedly stemmed from China and affected multiple government and finance organizations.
Listed crimes also included murder-for-hire conspiracy, plotting robberies, running illegal gambling parlors, and selling narcotics.
So far 17 electors have voiced their hesitance or intention to revolt against Trump.
The report will be shared with "a range of stakeholders" including members of Congress, but may not be available to the public, ha ha.
The group is calling for an audit of voting machines in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, citing anomalies that suggest the election could have been tampered with or hacked.
We talked to some experts.
"They were dressed like Central Casting. Two white men, 40 plus or minus a few years, in suits, well groomed."
The FBI is contacting some 3,000 New Yorkers whose personal information was posted by a pro-ISIS hacking group.
He allegedly had a fake lawyer scheme.
A formidable team of hackers under the command of the Chinese military have been launching a series of increasingly alarming cyberattacks against corporations and government agencies in the United States and elsewhere.
Executive editor Jill Abramson said, "Computer security experts found no evidence that sensitive e-mails or files from the reporting of our articles about the Wen family were accessed, downloaded or copied."
An unemployed father-of-two on the Lower East Side was apparently a leading Anonymous hacker who tipped off the feds.
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