If you still aren’t sure where you’ll have to present proof of vaccination and what types of documentation will be accepted, read on.
The gym owner had protested COVID-19 lockdown measures last year.
Gyms who passed their "virtual inspections" can reopen today at 33% capacity and with social distancing safety guidelines in place.
According to the new guidelines, gyms can reopen at 33% capacity as long as HVAC changes are made. Masks must be worn inside at all times.
But Cuomo's office is not budging amidst the ongoing pandemic.
Is Performix House just a multi-million dollar marketing stunt designed to sell protein powder? Hard maybe.
Here's our guide to gym essentials... now, what's in YOUR gym bag?
"They'll do anything they can to damage him."
Here are gyms for those who need to stay in shape but find the mediocrity of a chain a bit too much to deal with.
One Upper East Sider discovered the dangers of sperm during a trip to a midtown gym where he fractured a shoulder by slipping and falling in the steam room on a "foreign white substance."
If you've never had to dodge a razor full of pubic hair, then you're not really a celebrity.
Sometimes a man has no choice but to bring the dance with him wherever he goes. And if that happens to be the gym, then so be it.
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