Mora was one of two officers killed in the line of duty last month.
Known as the “Blueprint To End Gun Violence,” the 15-page plan reflects the complexities that Adams and other experts have said are contributing to the rise in crime.
LaShawn McNeil, 47, was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital on Monday afternoon
“These deadly, illegal guns know no neighborhoods." — NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell
Both the officer and the teenager were hospitalized after the incident.
In July, New York made it easier to sue the firearms industry in civil court. Now, the gun lobby is trying to fight it.
Researchers examined the differences in personality traits and motivations between Americans who bought firearms in 2020 and those that didn’t.
It will be the court's first major Second Amendment case in more than a decade, and the first since ultraconservative justices gained a majority of the seats on the court.
The Congresswoman also addressed those "falling into the grips of white supremacy," telling them, "We will always be here and hold space for you to come back."
'In the right right place at the right time. Our Officers interrupted gunfire and safely made the arrest.'
Educators will not be allowed to carry guns at New York schools.
'People that go to pray should not become human prey.'
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