An UWS police commander called it "one of the strangest cases that I've been a part of in the 18 and a half years I've been in the NYPD."
The happened a week ago.
"They do everything really fast and they get what they want."
"He had a machete, was going to try to use it, but you can't beat anybody with a machete when they got a 9 millimeter."
The suspect struck both victims with his gun.
Four days and counting, people.
Geoffrey Rickly, the frontman of the band Thursday, says he was robbed at gunpoint in Greenpoint on Tuesday.
It happened last month at the Canal Street station.
A police source claims that the victim willingly performed oral sex on him but refused to have intercourse.
The suspect steals cash and cigarettes.
"I looked at his shield and I threw it to the ground in disgust," said Officer Timothy Kraft, the cop who arrested drunk off-duty officer Michael Pena last August.
Police are investigating whether Michael Pena was involved in two other sexual assaults in the last three years. And they revealed that Pena was once hit with a brutality suit for assaulting a perp.
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