Gun permit

The only religious groups named in the memo are Amish and Mennonites, and it's unclear if the exemption could apply to those of other faiths.
He reportedly has ties to a neighborhood patrol officer accused of bribing cops for gun licenses.
He's kinda lying about his meeting with the Staten Island Tea Party.
Idiots with guns.
In the words of Johnny Cash, leave your guns at home, tourist. Don't take your guns to town.
Flickr user WarmSleepy Mayor Bloomberg is no fan of guns, but
Jeffrey Muller after the kidnapping. Jeffrey Muller, 61, of Newton, New
A bodega worker using an ax to scare off a robber
Photograph by ianqui on Flickr The Upshot got a hold of
The Post reports that Andrew Madoff, the 43-year-old son of Ponzi
Senior bankers at Goldman Sachs are arming themselves with handguns to
Today's Post has a list of some of the more notable New
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