Gun control

The court will decide whether the 2nd Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to carry concealed firearms outside the home for self-defense.
The lawsuit relies on a recently upheld state law aimed at making the firearms industry answer for the harm caused by guns.
Only one Republican candidate mentioned guns in their response to the attack.
The New York governor says she wants to keep guns out of the hands of 18-year-olds.
Justice Samuel Alito wondered why regular New Yorkers returning home from work couldn't carry guns.
New York City is poised to ease its famously strict handgun laws ever so slightly to avoid a potential challenge in the Supreme Court.
'That's why the whole thing is so insidious,' Council Member Helen Rosenthal says of DIY guns. 'No serial number on anything, completely untraceable.'
'This gun violence issue is a national health epidemic in our country,' Nancy Pelosi said. 'And Mr. President, if you want to talk about emergencies, this is an emergency.'
Educators will not be allowed to carry guns at New York schools.
The NRA claims Cuomo is infringing on the organization's First Amendment Rights. "See you in court," says Cuomo.
Over 20 states have sued to block the 3-D gun files from being distributed, but they have been downloaded thousands of times already.
A reform bill has passed the Senate and is headed for Governor Cuomo's desk.
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