Gun buyback

33 revolvers, 14 semiautomatic pistols, a rifle, an assault rifle, and several other pellet guns were turned in.
Among the 113 weapons returned were 56 handguns—handguns are responsible for 60% of the murders in New York City.
80 revolvers; 31 semi-automatic pistols; 4 rifles; 3 shotguns; 1 sawed-off shotgun; and 15 others (BBs, zips, starter pistols) were turned in.
After the shooting of two cops this year, the Lower East Side will will hold its first gun buyback this Sunday from 10am-4pm in the Rutgers Houses community center on Madison Street.
Police recovered 85 weapons at a gun buyback in Bushwick yesterday, including a Ruger Mini-14 assault rifle and a Tec-9.
Over 8,200 weapons have been recovered since the program began.
The NYPD collected hundreds of guns at a Bronx gun buyback...including this Uzi submachine gun.
dryblood's flickr Yesterday, it was reported that one of two guns
One of two NYPD handguns that went missing from the 103rd
Police Commissioner Kelly speaks at the National Action Network's headquarters (Rev.
Yesterday, two Brownsville churches held "cash for guns" trade-in events in
Boys and their toys: Reverends and police commissioner check out the
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