Gulf oil spill

"The behavior, words, and actions of these BP executives would not be tolerated in a middling size company manufacturing dry goods for sale in a suburban mall."
It's been some time since we checked in on how the Gulf
Due to the economic troubles following the oil spill in the
The perfect (or terrible) storm of events that led to the April
Yesterday the Times of London reported (paywall) that BP's tone deaf
Photograph provided by BP PLC at 6:45 a.m. EDT Thursday July
Robot submarines were successful in securing Top Hat Number 10—a newer,
Oil is back to gushing from broken pipe at the bottom of
Gulf oil spill day 75: It's going farther than we thought. The
This weekend, BP is rolling out the first of 32 machines sponsored
Protesters gathered at the New York Times building yesterday as part of
Google Earth Just in case it's not abundantly clear how catastrophic
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