For the first time ever, The Met will have an exhibit dedicated entirely to the iconic instruments of rock and roll.
The free show features Reed's guitars placed against amplifiers, creating a cacophony of suspended notes.
"We've helped a lot of people over the years to make music—that's what it's all about."
There's very little left of Manhattan's Music Row.
Forty-five years after opening and a year after founder Stan Jay's death, vintage instrument store Mandolin Brothers may be forced to close soon.
The D'Angelico brand was founded in in the Lower East Side and has called New York Home for 80 years.
Now might be a good time to take a close look at the standard acoustic you purchased off, because no, that should not be spelled 'Las Poul.'
Clapton used one at his 1992 Unplugged performance.
In 1980, a cargo plane carrying guitarist Peter Frampton’s equipment crashed in Panama, and all the instruments on board were believed to be destroyed. 32 years later, Frampton's beloved Gibson has been returned.
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