Guilty plea

He doesn't want to resign.
Shia doesn't want to go to jail.
Son Pedro G. will also be pleading guilty!
Now he faces from 15 years to life in prison.
It's believed Aron's deal would include a 40 years-to-life sentence.
The second boy who tossed a cart four stories, landing on a woman and sending her into a medically induced coma, pleaded guilty.
David Laffer admitted that he killed four people in a desperate attempt to rob a Long Island pharmacy of thousands of prescription drugs.
The drunken construction worker who brutally beat a nurse at a Hell's Kitchen bar last year was sentenced to 16 years in prison, though not without trying to withdraw his plea at the last minute.
The Egyptian banking executive who was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid at the Pierre Hotel decided to plead guilty.
The Essex House's housekeeping manager has pleaded guilty to killing a female guest in 2009.
[UPDATE BELOW] Way back in 2007, rapper Ja Rule was stopped on
A Stamford, CT father officially earned the worst class trip chaperone
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