Guggenheim museum

So far 600,000 have visited, and they just extended the show.
If you've ever wanted to do your thing in a solid gold toilet, you've got until September 15th to do just that at the Guggenheim.
The Guggenheim has a working, 18-karat gold toilet that museum visitors are free to use. It has something to do with income inequality, apparently.
The NY Times says the show is "dazzling."
For their fourth act, the protesters hung art that called out the Guggenheim's trustees by name, and attempted to unfurl a banner on the ground floor but were quickly ejected by museum staff.
Gutai's Splendid Playground will take over the Guggenheim starting tomorrow, with a fluid centerpiece featuring tubes of colored water.
What if the Guggenheim Museum had thirteen more floors?
Borbay tells us that he's painting The Guggenheim because it's an "incredible location" that makes a "perfect constant for a series that should display 20 years of development (or regression) when completed."
The Guggenheim is here to save neurotic New Yorkers from themselves with an artsy series of experimental new "urban therapies."
If you haven't noticed, the Guggenheim has taken over YouTube today—and vice
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