“Just take five seconds and say, ‘hey, thank you for the food. Did you get the tip? Can you check that you make sure you got the tip?’”
The six bills could improve some of the harsh conditions faced by the city's 65,000+ food delivery workers.
They routinely earn low wages well below New York's minimum wage, lack basic labor and employment protections, and face dangerous working conditions on the streets of NYC.
"There's no place for deceptive practices, particularly in the middle of the worst business slowdown for restaurants in recent history."
"These tech companies are not industry saviors."
“In a normal restaurant world I’d say, ‘Forget you Grubhub, I’m done. I’m cancelling my contract.'"
The City Council is mulling legislation that could reduce the amount of fees that restaurants pay to participate in third-party delivery programs and increase oversight of the industry.
'Being a delivery worker is the lowest rung of work in society.'
Some creatively conniving restaurants are creating fake or "ghost" restaurants to increase a customer's chances of ordering from them.
We asked GrubHub and Seamless for some data.
Contracts must now clearly state that delivery workers are to be given their full tips from online orders.
Yet another reason why you should tip in cash when possible.
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