Grow house

'You smelled it in the building.'
The NYPD precinct Tweeted the photos with "#notoregano"
'A team of cops wearing masks — seemingly to prevent getting a contact high — filled several huge garbage bags with weed.'
Prosecutors are considering murder charges against a man allegedly associated with the house.
It's believed the second floor had a marijuana grow house.
The well-heeled Westchester woman busted for running a lucrative marijuana grow farm in a Queens warehouse is throwing herself on the mercy of the court.
A horse-riding Scarsdale woman was growing massive amounts of pot in Queens.
The suspects "were using enough electricity, grow lights and such to power an entire city block."
Each floor corresponded with a different stage of growth for the plants.
It's believed the grow house's electrical system malfunctioned.
Yonkers firefighters responding to an early morning blaze at a single-family home early Sunday morning found the house empty except for four bedrooms packed with growing marijuana plants, some six feet tall.
A DEA photo of the grow house in question (SIlive) The
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