Ground zero mosque

Above on the left, you can see the first rendering of the new site; on the right, you can see the old rendering for what would have been the mosque.
Something is finally going up at the site.
The synagogue will be part of a 23-story building complete with a retail center and hotel.
The utility had given Park 51 a notice to pay the $1.7 million by October 4 or face eviction.
The so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" has problems, and not just in the minds of those patriots fighting its theoretical existence.
Park51's leadership called the move "outrageous," and El-Gamal said, “Whether it is bowing to political pressure or seeking to retain the valuable premises for itself, Con Ed appears intent on proceeding with its wrongful termination."
With little sign of the hubbub that surrounded it last year, the Park51 Islamic community center (un-lovingly referred to as the "Ground Zero Mosque") opened its doors to the public last night.
After submitting a subway ad to the MTA's media company over a week ago, Geller still hasn't heard back. "I will sue. It's a free speech issue."
The NYPD placed at least one undercover officer in a demonstration supporting Park 51 held on September 11, 2010.
Park 51 raised the $70K necessary for the show, which is a "salon-style presentation of over 170 beautiful color portraits of children."
About 200 demonstrators (and as many reporters and police officers) gathered on Park Place yesterday to protest Park51, the proposed cultural center and mosque. Why? Because "Muslims rape little girls."
The Ground Zero mosque is still kicking, at least in the minds of those who oppose it.
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