Police are looking for a man who they say faked a bike injury to grope a woman, then broke into her apartment and stood over her while she slept.
The pair took a rape victim on a bar crawl and one allegedly groped her.
The suspect lives a block away from a 1 train station in the Bronx.
The incident happened in Flushing earlier this month.
He allegedly grabbed her buttocks while she walked in the neighborhood.
Cops say the suspect in a level 3 sex offender with 24 prior arrests, including 14 for sexually-related offenses.
He was a guest in one of the luxury boxes.
It happened near the Whole Foods.
The victim was able to take very clear photos of the assailant.
He allegedly committed multiple acts of sex abuse, forcible touching and public lewdness.
The women say the suspect grabbed or slapped their rear ends, or exposed himself to them.
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