Grocery store

Food policy experts and advocates want more than just lentils and bodega berries from the new mayor.
"I believe in keeping it fair, especially in times like this.”
The leases for two stores in NJ were sold to Amazon.
Wegmans: What is it, where is it, and what can you expect from your first encounter? Here's what we know.
This grocery aims to cut down on waste.
A 13,000-square-foot basement space has been repurposed into a grocery store-type market with six food purveyors.
All your bougie foodie needs including pastry from Roberta's and a Luke's Lobster Tail Cart.
Earlier this month, the company's CEO said everything was fine!
She barely missed a display of seedless watermelons.
The dragnet, carried out over six months, found that 58 percent of the pharmacies, bodegas, and grocery stores hit were willing to bag up booze for undercover youngsters posing as wild and crazy kids.
The pepperoni was packaged, but his package was not.
This will be the chain's fifth Manhattan location.
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