Spumoni Gardens is venturing onto Grimaldi's and Juliana's turf.
Joseph Ciolli has consolidated the original Grimaldi's under the umbrella of the national chain it spawned.
The pizza staple has reportedly been closed for over a month, and answers about its future have not been forthcoming.
Welcome to our new series, WHY?
No slices, cash only.
The restaurant was closed yesterday and will remain closed until the dispute with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has been resolved.
Grimaldi's didn't make the cut.
A former Grimaldi's employee probably hoped he'd never be found out for opening an illicit branch of the DUMBO pizzeria all the way in Shanghai. But he was wrong.
The Daily News reports the bar was suffering "financial setbacks."
It's time to perfect your twirling fist pump.
Fist pumping comes to Front Street.
Carol Grimaldi, co-founder of Brooklyn's famed (and Gothamist Friday lunch staple) Grimaldi's Pizzeria, has passed away at the age of 75.
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