Grilled cheese

The BEC meets the classic diner staple.
The restaurant's celebrating five years with a revamped menu of grilled cheeses and toasts, most under $10.
Cheese! Butter! Bread!
At this point, it may be our best option.
I have been assured that "the cafe is open to all Museum goers, and those without kids are absolutely welcome" so don't mind that grownup housing grilled cheese in the corner!
Delicious food science.
Buttered bread or GTFO.
However, they've got three new shops opening on the horizon.
Ramen Noodle Carbonara. Nuff said.
Entries include the "Taylor Swiss" plus a grilled cheese with guacamole and bacon.
The grilled cheese truck masters are expanding their sandwich game beyond molten cheese.
Now, if only we could get grilled cheeses parachuted into our homes, too...
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