Before her downfall and arrest, Sorokin had enjoyed a glamorous life, attending fancy parties, living in boutique NYC hotels, taking lavish international trips, and sticking to a beauty regimen that included "$800 highlights" and "$400 eyelash extensions."
There's also interest in a movie version.
She managed to get a Mercedes from one retiree.
It seems the wallet was stolen in the subway system.
The brother of Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is suing his former stepson, claiming that not only did Daniyar Nazarbayev steal his $20 million condo but that Nazarbayev lied his way into Columbia University.
Reeva Johnson and Holly Mitchell A 76-year-old Brooklyn man was taken
A career grifter who pulled a carpet knife on a Swedish
Tony Chan Remember the story of Tony Chan, the Chinese feng
It wouldn't be hyperbolic to say that all the grifters we've
Tony Chan, feng shui master, alleged con man and AmEx scam
A thief unsuccessfully attempted to extort a Swedish military official and
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