The city's dreaded 'Gridlock Alert Days' are being expanded to include six congested days later this month.
If you're driving... well, see you tomorrow.
"I'd say from now until Jan 21, 2021 Fifth Avenue will have one or more lanes closed for security reasons every day."
Closures in both directions, many nights, between 61st and 96th.
Silly drivers, with your cars.
The Bronx, midtown Manhattan and the West Village will be hit hard by hurricane Obama.
If you need to get out of Midtown Manhattan today, leave by 2:30 p.m.!
If there's one thing that can bring world leaders with differing views together, it's NYC gridlock!
Even CitiBike has deactivated some statiosn!
Obama will swing through town next Thursday and check out the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. And Bloomberg is just "thrilled" about the drop in.
So this is what every weekend in Prospect Heights/Park Slope/Downtown Brooklyn is going to be like from now on!
Besides horrible traffic, expect the Security Council to be paralyzed because there won't be consensus about issues like Syria and Iran.
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