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"The city should be embarrassed if these allegations are true. Shame on them. What if they acknowledge what skill he has and utilize it?"

A bus bound for NYC from Atlantic City had to be evacuated today because of the sheer volume of roaches crawling all over the freaking place.

Bad news for Greyhound, good news for L.E.S. residents who don't like their streets packed with bus travel congestion.

While cheap-y curbside bus companies like BoltBus and MegaBus are facing stricter safety regulations, big leaguer Greyhound is mulling over installing a curbside stop on the Lower East Side.

That's what you get for leaving a Greyhound bus parked and running.

Those travelers who enjoyed occasionally-working WiFi and 32% less bus-funk on Bolt Bus may have to hit the cripplingly depressing Port Authority Bus Terminal.

A Greyhound bus travelling from NYC to St. Louis overturned early this morning on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, injuring over two dozen people.

The FBI released this photograph of Ron Hirsch, who is wanted

The Post reports a Greyhound bus driver "driven by love" (har)

Police found the stolen Greyhound bus that disappeared from a Manhattan