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The incident occurred at the site of a new 14-story building project on Java Street in Greenpoint while workers were using an excavator to move pipes.

East Harlem continues to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy, as the Greenpoint-Williamsburg waterfront builds large, luxury high-rises in a flood zone where a permanent retreat could be necessary.

"If Andy Warhol could have been as prolific as he wanted to be, he'd be Steve Keene."

The site may also be eligible for federal funds, including a recent influx of $3.5 billion to the Superfund Remedial Program from the bipartisan infrastructure law, which President Biden ratified in November 2021.

As energy provider National Grid awaits New York’s final answer on the air permit for two new liquid natural gas vaporizers, community groups are putting pressure on Hochul to reject it, citing violation of environmental laws.

The pollutants, primarily chlorinated solvents and petrochemicals derived from carbon, were first discovered in 2005 by Exxon Mobil and the New York State Department of Transportation as part of a separate cleanup in Greenpoint.

"It’s obvious that the police resources are being misappropriated. There’s one guy up there. There’s one way up and one way down. It's absurd."

Greenpoint locals and safe streets advocates have called on the mayor to eliminate a lane of traffic in each direction, widen sidewalks, and install a protected bike lane on the boulevard.

"As an outsider, I can be like, 'This is great, there’s an Open Street for me to go party and hang out with my friends outside.'" said one Greenpoint resident. "But you know what? People live there."

Here you can contemplate a curated collection of native plant species and simultaneously reflect on the ramifications of centuries of industrial pollution.