Green wood cemetery

"If things don’t change, we may be left with no choice but to close our gates as many other cemeteries have done."
Some people have apparently been riding their bikes, climbing up trees, and walking their dogs in the cemetery, which are against the rules.
This year's theme for their annual Nightfall event was lovesickness.
Outside of zombie movies, unfamiliar creatures are rarely discovered in cemeteries. But that's exactly what happened at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.
The cemetery was inspiration for Prospect Park!
The historic cemetery once again hosted a reenactment of the Revolutionary War's largest battle... and once again, the colonists lost.
Green-Wood Cemetery has put its bee population to work, and will soon start selling honey harvested from the colony hosted on the grounds.
It's been 240 years since Washington and his rebel army were routed by the redcoats, almost losing the Revolutionary War.
Escaping the fate of the Kentile Floors sign.
A final vote is expected by December.
Old cemeteries render a usually monolithic History in an idiosyncratic way.
As in years past, the actual battle reenactment yesterday was pretty loose: Muskets misfired, strategy and tactics are tough to convey, one British general fell off his horse.
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