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An Erie County clerk had sued the state over the law, saying it would make him personally liable for violating U.S. immigration policy. Judges pointed out his role in issuing driver's licenses was "purely ministerial."

The Attorney General is also seeking a judgement that would prevent the Department of Homeland Security from imposing a similar ban on New Yorkers in the future.

"You're knocking on the door saying, 'I'll burn down the house if you don't give me entry. I'll give you entry for the TTP enrollees on a case-by-case basis. Don't burn down the house.'"

Homeland Security officials blame New York DMV's immigrant-friendly laws for impeding ICE's criminal investigations.

The State Assembly and Senate are currently hammering out a slew of other important bills that weren't included in the state budget.

'Do you really want to do it and lose the Senate majority and never be able to do anything ever again for another generation? Not me.'