Was it the Grinch? Was it you? We don't know!
Two concrete experts doubt there's anything toxic going on in these giant dumpsters.
Here's what the Statue of Liberty looked like before turning green around 1920.
Since you probably did your best to avoid the bar-hopping St. Patrick's Day crowds, take a look at the photos above to see what you missed out on.
Below, watch six Irish and green-themed Muppets sketches, including Kermit singing "Bein' Green" with Lena Horne, Murray learning Irish step dancing, and the world's greatest rendition of "Danny Boy" ever.
It turns out that most New Yorkers are satisfied with the new Boro Taxi color—especially people in Manhattan, who won't have to see their streets awash in puke-colored cabs along with all the puke-stained sidewalks.
It turns out that recycling a mayor doesn't lead to an increase of recycled waste.
When the city's new legal street hail cabs come to town they'll all need to be one color. And the current rumor is that that color will
Watch a video of the phenomenon from over Birtavarre, Norway below. No sighting of Marlon Brando or Pocahontas though.
And the winners of the 17th annual Greenest Blocks in Brooklyn contest are...
A local Gowanus blog has been wondering where some fluorescent green footprints
world of pj's flickr Today is Earth Day, and everyone has
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