Greek yogurt

The labels say two grams of sugar but independent testing puts it closer to 11.
The lawsuit also claims Greek yogurt has the same sugar content as a Nestle Fudge bar.
Slurping up the good stuff for breakfast does a body good, but if you're looking to trim calories and saturated fat while adding more protein and calcium to your diet, you can sub in this creamy stuff in some unexpected areas.
Inside the locker room at the Crunch Fitness on Mount Olympus.
Chobani is opening a plant four times the size of its New York plant, what gives?
A new lunchtime option has arrived in the Financial District in the form of Greek "fast food," an alternative option for anyone wary of the street meat gyro.
The ex of the founder of Chobani is suing for more than half of the popular Greek yogurt company.
The following post is from our advertiser, Ben and Jerry's. As the
In the senior Senator from New York's latest attempt to help local businesses Schumer has gone and called on the USDA to make it easier for public schools to serve Greek yogurt.
You can't cry over spilled milk, but can you cry over spilled Greek Yogurt?
If you've been looking for another reason to eat some Greek yogurt—the incredibly popular, thicker, tangier cousin to American yogurt—well, look no more.
According to NPR, The Atlantic, and John Stamos, at least.
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