Great white shark

It's the first shark nursery to be found in the North Atlantic.
Summer's coming!
Welcome back, Mary Lee. Stay as long as you want, as long as you want, until it cuts into swim season and then uh...get an Airbnb in Aruba, or something.
Hopefully she steers clear of the sewer fish.
The internet is supremely excited about Mary Lee, but will it be so excited knowing that she's currently just off the coast of Jones Beach?
It's time to roll out the red carpet (stained with the blood of a thousand mackerel).
There's probably a great white shark lurking around the waters off Rockaway Beach.
A group of friends fishing off Cape May were forced to end their day early after a great white shark munched their bag of bait, then went for the engine.
"It made your adrenaline go cause he’s stone dead, but my God, it has Jaws written all over it."
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