Great pupkin

Hundreds of people turned out to watch 87 brave, beautiful pups compete at the 2021 Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest in Fort Greene.
Here's everything you need to know about this year's Halloween dog parades.
Dogs dressed up as 'Midsommar' was a dominant theme of the day.
For planning purposes.
Sunday is going to be full of dogs in costumes, because the Tompkins Square Park one is also happening at the same time.
Last year, there was Barb from Stranger Things, many 2016 election-related pups and Cellino and Barkes!
Maybe it's time to take a step away from all the election prognosticating and do something for your own mental health.
With appearances by dog-Brexit, a Chanel dog, and plenty of other costumed pups.
Brooklyn was in fine form, with the top prize going to a dog dressed as nerd fave Ira Glass.
Make it a Dog Saturday Afternoon!
As a judge for this year's contest, I realized many things—like how great it is when the humans are humiliated.
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