Great kills

The $2 fast ferry should begin service by November 26 and will include six trips daily from the new landing at Great Kills to Manhattan and six trips back.
This was the 14th home invasion on Staten Island this year.
An officer sets the scene: "It's dark, the water's getting rougher, the wind is about 50 knots, you can see lightning in the distance." Perfect time to whip out the ol' cell phone!
It seems obvious that one shouldn't try to kayak during Hurricane Irene...and yet, two people had to be rescued earlier this evening after their kayak capsized off Staten Island. And they really ticked off Bloomberg.
(via oblivious dude's flickr). Staten Islanders really love their TV. A
Don't you hate it when you're building a kick-ass sand castle
A Staten Island man died early Sunday morning while trying to
A Staten Island man may have prevented the rape of a
Today on Staten Island, a couple had to call the authorities
Our li'l hero of the day goes out to Dennis Reynolds,
A woman was robbed in her Staten Island home by a man
On Friday, dozens of birds fell out of the sky and died
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