Great gatsby

Click play to strip away all of the magic, you beautiful little fools.
Before you get too sick of "The Great Gatsby", you should play this 8-bit game.
Do you think this is Jay-Z's long lost ancestor Jay-B? Or is this viral marketing for "The Great Gatsby"? Is Jay-Z a time traveller, or is everyone just being kinda racist today?
Fitzgerald's granddaughter told Luhrmann, "People have said you can't turn his book into a movie, and I think you have done it."
Marlon Brando could have played Gatsby in 1974, Fitzgerald received around $16,000 for the movie rights to his novel, and more fun facts you may not know about the author and his great American novel.
In honor of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, Hanksy has bequeathed NYC with "The Great Gatspee."
What does schizophrenia worsened by alcohol taste like?
Carey Mulligan says her character in Great Gatsby is "like a Kardashian."
Zelda wrote of the film, it was "ROTTEN and awful and terrible and we left."
How do these Jazz Age recreationists feel about the upcoming 3D blockbuster remake of The Great Gatsby?
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