Great depression

Sadly, they're not of a more upbeat nature... the photos document the Great Depression.
In 1913, the first year of the federal income tax, the top 0.1% made 8.6% of the nation's total income. In 2007, they made 12.3%.
Currently, at the top of the list is "Revoke Corporate Personhood," which we all know would really piss off Mitt Romney. The second entry is "Abolish capitalism," which is just adorable.
NYC’s oldest citizen died yesterday, after telling the Post last month,
Have you seen these shots of a shanty town set up on
President Obama will re-appoint Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, the Wall Street
The 1930s were a time of breadlines and Hoovervilles (homeless encampments); there
In a Friday review of the 1933 original production of King Kong,
After a week in which the stock market reeled wildly due
Along with the "Broken Windows" crime prevention theory, one of the
Today’s New York Times takes a look at words used to describe
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