Graydon carter

Carter managed to eviscerate him in his November column for the magazine, aptly titled: "Donald Trump: The Ugly American."
Gwyneth has wielded her clout, and after a battle with Graydon Carter's magazine the story may disappear.
"It’s going to be a different kind of place than what it was last. Whatever it was – and I’m too old to have gone there, but my kids went – it won’t be that."
Closed since 2009, the once hot spot The Beatrice Inn is set to return in 2012. Helping bring the basement joint back? Vanity Fair editor and Waverly Inn owner Graydon Carter, natch.
Only took five years.
Photograph of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger being helped up
The storied restaurant Monkey Bar, which was sold last year and
Marilyn Dorato, president of the Greenwich Village Block Association and next-door
Toby Young's tome on Graydon Carter and life at Vanity Fair, How
New York Shitty's Miss Heather let us know that this adorable cat
It's the convergence of restaurant hot spot and restaurant hot topic: The
38-year-old New Yorker Larry Smith has parlayed his extensive magazine experience (Yahoo!
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