In addition to eight ZIP codes with more than 3% positivity, the Department of Health noted four others have positivity between 2% and 3%.
"Your violent Nazi storm troopers are coming in here to violate us," one of the hecklers shouted.
The mother of a man who survived a gunshot wound to his face gave emotional testimony at a City Council hearing on Friday.
An ICE officer shot someone while on duty in Brooklyn, according to a law enforcement source.
The driver was arrested hours later.
Officers Richard Hall and Eddie Martins were arraigned Monday morning on rape charges.
The SUV was found a few miles away.
He had $10,000 of cash in a bag with some bread when police found him.
Ali and I were standing in leaky wader boots, ankle-deep in Coney Island Creek at 10:00 p.m. on a recent Wednesday.
A fixer-upper in Brooklyn is on the market for $500,000.
"Old Man Trump knows/just how much/racial hate/he stirred up..."
He got in through the roof vent.
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