"My son is awesome. He’s a good kid," the mom said. "You paint him like he’s all bad. He’s not."
"Kids! Lord have mercy."
In what has to be the single most Upper West Side lawsuit in history, an 82-year-old is suing Trader Joe's after she was whacked in the head by a can of tuna.
Goldschmidt and her company were parts of a make-believe ad campaign by an advertising agency—created essentially to tout the company's expertise at successfully being able to make shit up and lie to people about it.
[Update Below] Sometimes wacky advertising turns out to be TOO wacky: it seems that Ethel's Brew and its creator, Ethel Goldschmidt, are completely made up parts of an advertising campaign.
A man whose surveillance camera caught the incident said, "You can see that she pushes the boy out of the way."
The blaze killed 62-year-old Ann Jefferson, as well as four of her grandchildren. Authorities now say that there were no working smoke detectors inside the home, which was a converted 19th century farmhouse.
According to reports, a 12-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, a 3-year-old boy, a 2-year-old and their grandmother were killed. Three other children escaped, including an 8-year-old who was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
The TSA has finally gotten around to apologizing to the elderly women who were strip-searched at the JetBlue terminal at JFK over the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, sort of.
A 62-year-old Brooklyn grandmother is in critical condition after she got into a fight with her 19-year-old grandson, and he allegedly hit her with a brick.
Another granny has come forward saying she was strip searched at security leaving JFK after the Thanksgiving holidays.
An 85-year-old grandmother from Long Island also suffered a nasty gash to her leg during the strip search.
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