An 85-year-old grandmother was found stabbed to death in her Bedford-Stuyvesant home Friday morning.
77-year-old Bertha Presz grew up in Belgium as a child, fled the Nazis, and survived the Holocaust—so she's not going to let some punk get away with stealing her bag.
[Update Below] Sometimes wacky advertising turns out to be TOO wacky: it seems that Ethel's Brew and its creator, Ethel Goldschmidt, are completely made up parts of an advertising campaign.
A 24-year-old Cornell grad claims that a grabby granny pickpocketed him after dry humping at the Hudson Hotel in midtown last weekend.
A Long Island grandmother has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs—and she faces a felony charge because she was driving with her two-year-old grandson in the car.
As the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers says, the postal service has "survived the telegraph, it survived the telephone, and we have to do everything we can to preserve it and adapt."
Prosecutors yesterday charged 26-year-old Christopher Jackson with murdering his 62-year-old grandmother
This is not the closet in question. Dead grannies in closets
The Wagner Houses (Courtesy Skyscraper City) Concerned relatives of 76-year-old Cora
Theresa Alonso, a 64-year-old grandmother in Staten Island, was fatally struck
A ballroom dancing grandma who was hit by a bus three
A fancy Upper East Side girls’ school is mad a two
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