Grand theft auto

Bystanders yelled, "Shoot him!"
Of course, who can blame him when members leave their KEYS HANGING ON RACKS at the gym?
One of the suspects is an auxiliary cop, another is the son of a retired cop.
How long before he sets up a brothel/drug den and burns the place down?
Dykstra claimed he was innocent, "They locked me up in maximum security like Hannibal Lecter."
After a nine-month investigation police arrested 18 people allegedly involved in a massive, multi-million dollar luxury car theft ring.
At this week's E3 conference for computer and video games, it was
Pictured, from left to right: Samuel Philip; Dylaid Laird; Jaspreet Singh;
Grand Theft Auto gets an '80s redux (heroin for 20 bucks back
As many gamers play hooky so they can play Grand Theft
Coming up on April 29th is the latest Grand Theft Auto extravaganza.
Cartoons just got a little more real with The Three Thug
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